Sunday, September 20, 2015

Saddle Pads For Sale

I went ahead and put a handful of saddle pads up in my Etsy shop.  It's been a few years or so since I've listed anything on Etsy.  At one point, I had switched over to ArtFire and I thought I liked them better, so I let my Etsy listings run out and didn't go back.  However, during our big move, ArtFire underwent some changes and, until I figure out what's going on over there, I'm "back" on Etsy.

It seems that Etsy is the site a lot of model horse people use to sell their creations - if they use those types of sites - so I'm certainly in good company.

Shortly after listing the pads for sale, one of them sold!  I was SO excited!!  It makes me feel like all the work I've been putting into "making stuff" might actually pay off someday - haha.  ;)  Plus, it helps convince Jeff that all of the craft stuff I'm hoarding- er, using, might actually serve a purpose.  ;)

This one has a new home!
I'm still stitching away on my latest one, the "problem pad", and I'm hoping to maybe have it done this week.  As often happens, I already have the next one in mind.  It will be of a pattern I've already done, but in a new set of colors.  I think once I get it started, I may shift back into Arabian costume mode and see if I can get a little further along there.

Also this week, I'm going to work on the video tutorial that I mentioned.  I'm nervous about it - I've never done such a thing! - but I think it will be fun to do.  I have a pile of saddle pads that need to be finished, so I can do several "takes" if I need to - that's a relief!  ;)

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