Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Closer Look At An Interesting Kit

Today I took a closer look at the cross-stitch kit that a friend sent me for my birthday.

Jeff and I both thought it was interesting that there were Russian words on the cover.  I did tell him that I see a ton of cross-stitch pins on Pinterest that have the caption written in Russian.

I asked my friend today where she had bought it; I thought maybe she had mail ordered it.  She said she bought it at Hobby Lobby.  Interesting!

After I opened the bag it was in, I  looked closer at the back cover.

Yep, it was produced by a company in Moscow, Russia.  That's pretty cool!

One interesting thing I saw on the contents list is that the fabric is 16 count.  That really threw me off, I hadn't heard of 16 before.  I think I've only seen: 14, 18, 22, and 28.  Also one piece of 11 count in an old kit.  I can't recall coming across 16 count though.

The chart is in color, that's nice.

 Another thing that intrigued me on the supply list was that it says "wolen and acrylic yarn".  I was expecting to see "floss" on the supply list.  Nope.  Sure enough, this is very fine yarn!

I'm even more excited about this kit now.  It is different from anything I've ever done before and should be good for a new cross-stitching adventure.

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