Friday, September 25, 2015

Slow Week - A Few Listings

It's been a slow week here.  I've been feeling down and under the weather, not helped by my latest medical mystery.  I'm not sure what I got into (the doctor is not sure either...) but I've got some creepy, nasty blisters all over my elbow and I'm now on some heavy antibiotics.  I've also been battling problems with my ears for a few months now, they are the other mystery going on, but I'll finally be able to see the ENT specialist on Monday.  I really do love it here in Japan, but apparently my ears and skin are more skeptical about the relocation.

Okay, enough about all of that!

I'm *thisclose* to being done with stitching the "problem pad", as I've been thinking of it.  That's about all I've been working on studio-wise for the past few days.

Today I did get a few Stablemate-scale saddle blankets posted to Etsy.  So if you're a fan of mini performance, check them out.  :)  I tried to post a variety of the styles I've been making, including: regular, cutback, and "lattice", like the one below.

I'm hoping to be a little more productive (and feeling better) over the weekend.

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