Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sales News and Video Tutorial?

It's been... almost forever since I actually posted on here about anything for sale.  Well... I've been working away the last few days, getting some of our laser inventory unpacked and listed or re-listed for sale online.  It inspired me to do the same for my (ever-growing!) inventory of finished Studio work.  I've been busy formatting pictures and updating my Etsy shop, awakening it from its slumber.

So... if you've had your eye on anything that I've made over the last little while - stay tuned for your chance to get it!  ;)  I think I'll be starting with saddle pads.

This also means that I should do a session of pad finish work, since I have a pile that are stitched, with no backing.  I was thinking about trying to do my very first video tutorial of that process, to go along with the post I'd written.  Would anyone want to see a video of that?   :)

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