Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Day of Rest

Jeff's promotion test was last week; he'd been studying for it for months.  The Christmas party for his work (that he had been put in charge of planning back in July) was this past Friday.

We were up late at the Christmas party and he was stressed and running around during most of it, trying to make sure things went smoothly and all 200+ people had a good time. 

Then on Saturday I got up, took the truck to the car wash, went out and got the trailer and Bo, and went to another training clinic.  2 hours straight of riding, including some good canter work.  Both my Bo boy and I were huffing and puffing and sweaty by the end.  (didn't help that it was an unseasonably warm 65 degrees that day!)

Last night we went to a get together at a friend's house.  We didn't stay long, we were both pretty pooped.

Today?  It has been a day of REST.  We have been playing computer games together all day.  We finished watching a movie we'd started a few days ago, and now we are back on the computers for some more game time.  We're both feeling a little guilty about gaming the day away - there is SOOO much that needs to be done around here - but a day of rest is important too.

Tomorrow it'll be back to the "grind" for both of us - Jeff to work and me around the house, doing some much needed cleanup and getting busy in the Studio and on the laser.  We only have 6 weeks until the Stock Show!


  1. Yayness the Stock Show! But even more Yayness for the day of rest! It is much needed and much deserved! A few years ago, a large research company, who shall not be named, ran a research project on the human body. They discovered that in the span of a week, 7 days to be precise, the human body slowed down on the 7th day. The heart rate went down, the blood pressure lowered, respirations, EVERYTHING slowed down. So out of this research came this AMAZING conclusion....."we need a BREAK day" they concluded. A BREAK DAY? Oooohhhhh....I get it! You mean a 'day of rest' just like is written in the Bible? Yep. So like....just how much money did you spend on this research anyways? Why not just follow what God said? Duh. So don't feel guilty about taking a day off. It IS already been commanded for us to do so. And not just by God apparently....haha!

    1. Ha! That is interesting... I too wonder how much money is spent on "research" like that. I can't believe some of the things that are studied - time and money that could be better spent...? I guess on one hand it's good to have "scientific data" to show doubters. Topics like animal intelligence and emotions also come to mind. WE know they are smart and have feelings, but so many don't. So I guess if it takes a "study" to prove it to other people - and (hopefully) make them realize that animals have feelings and intelligence and therefore SHOULD be treated better than so many do.. - so be it. Wow, I kinda went off down a rabbit trail there, huh? haha