Monday, December 1, 2014

Productivity Day, Not So Much Crafting Day

Last night I spent a couple of hours in the Studio room and this is the result:

Still a mess, but getting better...

I got a lot of things on the floor picked up and (finally) unpacked most of the boxes from the shows.

Today I started out by doing a bit of cross-stitching.  Here is my current in progress pad as it looks now:

All of the details of the pattern are done, now all that remains is a bunch of black stitching in the middle.  I think it looks good and I'm eager to get it finished - and start on another one!

After some stitching, I moved on to taking pictures of a bunch of finished items, to get them listed for sale.  I desperately wanted to craft away today and had originally planned to spend the whole day making things.  I sometimes wish I could hire someone to take pictures, format them, and write up all of the listings to sell them, while I do what I like best - making more things!  Alas, it is only me running this operation, so instead of making things today, I took a bunch of pictures of things I already have.

I took pictures of a lot of bookmarks...

Also dreamcatchers....

And I did my first ever photo shoot for some of my Stablemate-sized saddle pads!

I still have a lot more finished work that needs to be photographed and I might do another round tomorrow.  Then of course comes the arduous task of formatting all of the pictures and actually getting everything listed for sale.  No fun, or at least not as much fun as crafting, but it needs to be done!

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