Monday, December 22, 2014

Hike Pictures

Here are a handful of pictures from our hike yesterday!

Near the start of the trail.

I don't know what these are called, but we see them in the hills on most hikes.  They look just like miniature pumpkins!

I had to swap out the battery in the camera and I ha crouched down on the ground to do it.  Then I took a picture of Jeff and Stephanie checking over the dogs...

... Max noticed me on the ground and here he came!

No horses or bicycles on this part of the trail, but Jeffs are okay.

I love moss, always have.  Even in the winter when all else is drab and brown, the moss is still pretty and green

Jeff and Max test out the ice...  :/  (it was fine)

The trail includes a couple of short rocky sections

After the rocks, most of the trail is flat and level, with trees all around

There was snow on the ground in some spots

Getting close to the end, the sun finally came out!

Right near the end of the hike, a grove of birch trees in front of some pines

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