Thursday, December 4, 2014

Busy Day, Then Dental Trauma

Yesterday was a busy day, I went to the barn and then took Bo to a dressage lesson.  Hauled Bo back to the barn, came home, took our old pup to the vet for a check up, brought him back home, went back to the barn to clean Bo's stall, feed him dinner, and finally go home.  It doesn't seem like much as I sit here writing it, but all of that amounted to a full day and evening of go-go-go and I was wiped. out.

Unfortunately, so far since getting the news, I haven't done anything yet to begin preparations for the Stock Show.  I had an appointment today that I was dreading... the dentist.  Due to several bad experiences in the past, I'm afraid (to the point of tears) of going to the dentist, especially going to a NEW one, which is what happened today.  They were all very nice there, but I am so sore after the work they did. 

Yeah, nothing else got done today either - except for more cross-stitching; I've started on a new saddle pad already and it's coming along nicely.

Tomorrow we should get our Christmas tree - then add decorating for Christmas onto the mountain of things to do!

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