Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Laser Shop and Calm Before The Storm

We had plans to do a separate blog for Cut By Light, our laser business, but so far we haven't gotten it set up yet.  I've been mentioning the "laser business" here off and on and I figure I might as well keep talking about it here.  After all, it is another creative endeavor that I am a part of... and I am always learning things with HTS that help out with CBL - and vice versa....

Today I've spent a few hours working on getting our seller accounts for the laser business set up on Etsy and ArtFire. 

Here is the link for our brand new Etsy shop!  So far all that I have listed are the dog ornaments that we have available. 

Greyhound ornament - a favorite of mine, of course.

I'm hoping to get other things, like all of the horse things, larger dog items, engraved photo pieces, and the options for personalized orders, up soon

I have SO much other "administrative" tasks to do, for both the laser business and for Horse Tender Studio.  On the Studio side I have, quite literally, hundreds of finished items that have not actually been listed for sale.  (bad me...)  For the laser, we also have a pile of finished items here and there are soon to be much, MUCH more available as I start ramping up production for the Stock Show.  I also need to get cracking on making more custom horses, as we included them in our application for another item we will be selling.  I'm SUPER excited about that, but I need to get busy sculpting and painting!!

(I should maybe insert a hair pulling out picture here - or someone running around like a chicken with their head cut off? - haha)

Everything has seemed to have been sidelined due to the typical Christmas madness - shopping, wrapping, shipping, decorating..  Ack!  I'm hoping to buckle down and get back to "work" now that all of that craziness should be done.  All that remains is Christmas day and for Jeff and I to open our presents - I can't wait for him to see the goodies I found for him!