Saturday, December 6, 2014

Giveaway Done - New Pad Underway

This evening I drew names for the Giveaway on my Facebook page.  I was offering pick of 4 prizes to one winner, but I decided to draw 4 names and give everything away!  (it is Christmastime after all)  ;)

Today we went to town and picked up some feed for Bo and also cardstock, for product picture backgrounds, and clock parts.  We have some clock designs for the laser that we hadn't made yet, but last night we received an order for two of them!  Now we have the bits to get them done.

I'm well underway on my latest saddle pad, using my newest frame idea.

I haven't gotten any different wood or pins/tacks yet, but obviously it works well the way it is!  I like that I'll also have room to stitch a few mini pads along the bottom too.

I really enjoy making these saddle pads, but I'm thinking this might be my last one for a little bit - mainly because I really need to get busy on the laser for the Stock Show AND I need to get back to work on finishing up some custom horses, for past orders and future shows/donations.  There is a show in March I'd like to go to, before our big move.  I'd also like to get back to work on the Stagecoach (gasp!).  I haven't worked on that for a while and I think it would be a neat display piece for the Stock Show, if I can get some major work done on it by then.

Tomorrow we are going out with some friends for a little while.  I'll probably do more work on the saddle pad, and also some work on the laser.  I would like to work in the Studio room at least a bit too, we'll see!


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