Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mail and Buy All The Things!!!

The title of this post is a paraphrase of a quote from a blog post that Jeff and I reference quite a bit...  to see that particular blog post, go here.  (bit of a language warning, there are some F bombs and such)  We are fans of her work, she's hilarious. 


Today I spent hours readying Christmas cards, a Christmas package, and two sales boxes, to ship out.  Then I went to the Post Office and mailed all the things.

Then I went to town and braved the people to do some Christmas shopping and buy all the things...  Yes, pretty close to last minute.

Tomorrow I need to mail more things and go back to town to buy a few more things (presents and laser supplies) that I just ran out of steam to go get today.

In short: no crafting or laser work done today, I'm hoping once this last minute Christmas rush is over that I'll be able to get BUSY.  I really need too.

I also need to go to the bank and do grocery shopping... 

"It's like the things never end!"  - Hyperbole and a Half  (see the link above)

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