Friday, June 19, 2015

Finding Treasures

I've had a couple of sessions now of working on my new studio room.

I'm still working on arranging the shelves and such how I want them, but I think I'm getting close to having everything in place.  Then I can really get busy on unpacking and getting everything put away.

I put these two shelves back together and will be using them to house my Stablemates again.  They were made by Jeff's dad, to hold paperback books, and they are the perfect size for Stablemates.  I also went and bought supplies today for an idea that I have on keeping my mini herd safe from quakes.  That will be a future post I'm sure.  ;)

A couple of our bookshelves didn't fare so well on the journey.  A black one from my old studio room had one whole side of the top half busted apart.

 This brown shelf, that used to house my horse books in our office, didn't survive at all.

That used to be a bookshelf...

Luckily I was able to salvage the bottom half of the black one and I will just use it as a short shelf.

While I contemplate where I want my desk, Tealight contemplates which box she should jump up on next.  She's been having all sorts of fun exploring the cardboard box wonderland that our house is right now.

I put a lot of the boxes into the closet to give me room to reassemble and juggle furniture around in the room.  All of those boxes marked "figurines" have my horses in them.  I've also been finding some Breyers, still in the original packaging, scattered around in other boxes.

As eager and anxious as I am to get all of the horses out, I'd really rather get my earthquake protection decided on and set up before they are all set free.  We'll see how long I can hold out, I'm thinking I'll be opening up the "figurines" soon to check on them, I just won't stand them up on shelves yet until they are secure somehow.

I've opened up a few big boxes labeled "craft room" that were left downstairs and carried the contents up to the studio.  It's fun to open the mysterious boxes and find treasure...



Ooooo!  What's that?!

Yes!  I found the Stagecoach!  Or...  most of it anyway.

I had bundled most of the coach parts back into the original box, but some of the finished sections of it I did pack separately.  I haven't found them yet, but I've really just started going through the mountain of boxes.

Another treasure that survived, thankfully, is my horseback bow and arrows!  :)

That's about it for the report so far.  I'm thinking as soon as I get the big things arranged in the studio, I may have to take an unpacking break and MAKE something!!  ;)


  1. YAY! That's so awesome! It must feel great to have all your stuff.

    1. Yes! I am so happy that everything is here. I've been looking forward to setting up my new studio for months and now I can! :D