Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

So there is a "piling" challenge going on right now in the model horse community.  There are lots of pictures of it on Facebook, and it's also showing up in blogs, including here and here.  I think it's pretty funny, though some other people think it's horrifying.  My take on it is that I'm all for people having FUN with their horses and *gasp* not taking them too seriously.  ;)

Alas, I have nothing to pile, since ALL of my models and model related goodies are still en route from the U.S.  They are...  somewhere in the world right now.  However, it has gotten me thinking about a pile I'd REALLY rather not see once they do arrive.

The area where we are now living and where we will be making our home for the next 4 (or more) years is prone to... earthquakes.  Some people have told us that they happen on a weekly basis - though, so far, we haven't felt one yet.  From around the time we first found out we would be living here, I've been wondering what that means for my model horse herd. 

I've heard of a product called "Quake Hold" - and I did actually buy a little pack of it before we left home.  (I think I'd heard that is what collectors in California use?)
I will probably end up using at least some of that.  One of my ideas though - because I think it would be fun to do - would be to build a set of "stalls" to put my horses in to protect them from a tumble.  I've seen the ones that people have at the shows; I think the nicest ones I've seen are these: Stable Stalls on Etsy.  They are really neat, but I'm thinking of designing my own.  (after all...  we have a LASER to design with - haha)  I've thought about trying to come up with some sort of neat storage/travel/display setup for model horses ever since we first got the laser and those are still some product ideas that are rattling around in my head.  (along with SO many others)

One idea I've seen that I like is something alone these lines:
I like how each "stall" has sides, a back, and some sort of a front.  I would make the fencing on mine higher to avoid anyone being able to fall over the sides and I would probably make the stalls narrower/snugger (probably not a word), as well as adding some sort of padding for the (inevitable?) tipping.  I do like the chain front, but maybe some sort of solid "gate" would be better.  (Oooo, or like a miniature stall guard webbing??  Hmmm...)

Since I already have - several - bookshelves coming with everything else, I don't think I would end up building new shelves.  Instead my plan would be to modify the shelves I already have and/or fashion some sort of inserts for them if I didn't want to permanently alter the shelves I've got.  It's a lot to think about. 

I'm really eager for all of our things to arrive and I've very anxious to see how my herd fared on the journey.  I'd love to put them all up on display as soon as they arrive, but I think it's going to take bit of planning first.


  1. I've always wanted to make stall shelves but since I can't ruin the shelves I have I tried inserts once. I will warn you that sometimes they cause the domino effect because they aren't always the sturdiest. I wish you luck in finding a good solution. Maybe you'll invent earthquake proof shelving?

    1. That would be neat, to invent something new. I have some ideas and I'm definitely going to have to work on something soon - we had our first earthquake here today! It was creepy... Our stuff, including all of my horses, should be delivered soon. It's all here in town as of today, we just have to wait until they can deliver it to our house. I know I'm going to want to get my horses unpacked soon. I don't dare set them up though, until they are safe from falling over.