Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Airbrush? Airbrush!

Okay, so I've been hemming and hawing, back and forth, about getting an airbrush - for years and years.  Jeff's dad is an (amazing!) artist and I've picked his brain a few times over the years - and sadly forgotten a lot of what he's told me - as far as his advice on airbrushes.

I've looked at airbrushes many times and stood there contemplating if I should take the plunge and get one to try it, but I've  always decided not to.

Today I went out with a friend to look for some display options for our vendor table on Satrday.  One of our stops was at a thrift store, where I found this!

An airbrush for $10...  seriously??

Cautiously (and skeptically), I opened the box.  Surely it was used, maybe even missing pieces... still, for $10 maybe it was worth getting as an experimental tool.

After removing the instruction book, warranty card, and parts catalog, I saw this:

It is apparently brand new.

My friend even pulled out one of the tubes and she pointed out that the parts inside are still packed in cotton.

I closed the box and only then noticed that it is a Paasche.  I've heard of them.  So as an added bonus, it wasn't an off brand, "Bob's Airbrush" or something, haha.

Okay, SOLD!

Even better news: It has the instruction book, "for beginners"  Yep, that's totally me; I've never airbrushed anything in my life.

Whee, I'm excited!  We even have a small compressor already that we use with the laser...

I'm pretty sure I remember Jeff's dad saying that a dual action airbrush is better.  This one is a single action.  However, for $10 I now have a brand new airbrush to experiment with and see if I'll like spraying things or not.  ;)


  1. Looks like a single action airbrush. My first real airbrush was/is a Paasche single action. I loved working with it. I did all kinds of terrible things with it - some even turned out pretty keen and went on to be show horses. I discovered through trial and error that it is a very forgiving airbrush that will allow for a generous and fun learning curve. I know you will have a great time and for ten bucks you got one heckuva good deal! Congrats!

    1. That's awesome, thanks so much for letting me know that this is in fact a good one to start with! The only thing I'm lacking now is a good place to try it out, but I should be able to set something up pretty soon. ;)