Friday, December 18, 2015

Costume - Panel Construction

Today I did a bit more work on my first Arabian costume.

Using the frames I made a couple of days ago, I selected some pieces of fabric to cut out and used a chalk pencil to draw the lines.

Then I applied fray check around the borders.

After the fray check had dried, I cut out all three pieces.

Each piece was glued onto background fabric and a ribbon border put around them.

Finally, the fabric was trimmed, folded over, and glued down as a backing on three sides of each panel.

 As usual, I had to try a quick test fit on my model.  It was exciting to see some real progress!

That's where I left things for this session; I've got the panels being pressed in a book for now.

This whole project is kind of scary for me, it is all new, but it feels good to finally be underway.  I'm not expecting much from this first attempt, but hopefully I'll come out with something halfway decent on the end - and learn what I can improve on.

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