Monday, December 14, 2015

Good Mail Day

Jeff came home from work and his nightly stop at the post office with this:

I couldn't wait - I've already read through the digital edition - so I knew what to expect, but I'm still very happy to have the actual issue in hand.  It's much bigger than I had thought it would be and I love that it was sent in an envelope.  That way it didn't get all beat up - particularly on its long journey here to Japan!

The article I'm most happy to have, and look over again and again, is this one:

Despite the fact that the vast majority of custom horses I've done have been minis - and despite the fact I've done a bunch of haired customs - it never occurred to me to try and use embroidery floss for hairing!  I will certainly be trying this technique in the future.

I'm also eager to re-read the other articles, and interviews, and the ads, and, and...  :D

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