Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cake Pony

Yesterday, my friend Holly came over to give me early birthday cake and a present.

Unknowingly, I was about to add to the horse herd.

I present...

Cake Pony!

She made me a gorgeous cake, topped with a pretty Schleich horse!  (I noticed that his colors also compliment the cake and pretzel fences quite nicely)

Freed from his grassy cake pasture, and all the green icing cleaned off, he is a handsome little guy.

When Jeff came home and saw him he exclaimed, "How did she find a Schleich horse that we've never seen?!  That is the prettiest one!"  He's been with me many times as I peruse Schleich, Safari, Papo, and such horses and other critters in toy stores.

Cake Pony (maybe that will be his name, though I think I could come up with something better..?) should fit in quite nicely here.

He didn't arrive alone though.

This pony was my actual present.

More on him in a future post.  Some of you may realize he looks a lot like a certain someone...

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