Thursday, September 8, 2016

Good Mail Day

I think it's always a good mail day when you get something with this logo on it.

Here's my order!

I've been on a quest for itty bitty round nose pliers, hoping those might do the job.  Also got my first ever tub of tacky wax.

And...  hardware!

A cat! ...

She was already here, but she was very interested in...


I've often heard how kangaroo lace is THE stuff to use for miniature leather straps.  So I bought 1 yard of each size they had, in brown.  Since I have a variety of projects in mind, I thought this would be a good "sample pack".


  1. Ooh all the goodies! Reminds me, I need to order some more halter slots soon...
    I use various qualities of kangaroo and calf for different projects, or different pieces of a project. Really nice kangaroo is a beautiful thing!

    1. I need to think of something I can use hundreds of feet of black calf lace for - haha. Ended up getting 4 spools of it on sale at Tandy a while ago. Looking back I wish I'd gotten some natural or brown too. I did get it in black for a specific project, but it ended up being too thin for that, so I still have almost all of it.

    2. Whoa! That's a nice kind of problem. I did something similar with leather. I bought an entire side of tooling leather (it was on sale!). So far, I've made saddles, a harness set, a real-life set of fully-tooled bracers, part of an armored glove, and I still have a huge roll. Before that, I went crazy "rescuing" scraps from an upholstery shop, so I'm still up to my ears in those!