Thursday, September 15, 2016

Race Against The Nap

Yesterday's Netflix and chill recovery plan from the unexpected dental trauma ended up being Netflix and sleep.  I crashed hard for the remainder of the day, woke up for dinner, did a bit of cross-stitch, then crashed again.

I figured waking up this morning would be the true test of how much pain I'll be in, post extraction, and the answer is: surprisingly little pain.  I am however Wiped. Out.  I always feel sick, run down, and generally "off", the day after any dentist visits - even the basic ones like cleaning.  We think part of it comes from whatever getting knocked loose and getting into my system (bacteria, etc) and also, the after effects of being so hyped up on anxiety about all of it.  Yesterday was the worst the latter has ever been, so it's no surprise I fell like I've been hit by a bus,or three, today.

However, I'm trying to push though and do one thing I'd originally planned for yesterday...

Prepping more pictures for photo showing!

If I can power through the BLAH feeling, I'm hoping to get another MEPSA entry sent off today.

Though I think another nap is in my somewhat near future..  It's a race against that at this point.

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