Friday, September 2, 2016

Tokyo Trip - Done!!

We made it home from Tokyo.  I stumbled, exhausted, off of the blogging train, and about 800 million subway trains, toward the end of the trip.  We made it in, by plane, this afternoon.

On our last full day there, yesterday, we went to the Ueno Zoo.  I took a bunch of pictures - as I do when in the presence of animals, but haven't even looked at them yet.  It was SO hot out for most of the day.  My desire to see critters (barely) won over my fears of heat stroke.  We ended the day in the hotel pool again and crawled into bed.

This morning, we packed up our things and made our way to one of the airports.  A short plane ride north and we were home again.

It is GOOD to be home.  Max and Tealight told us all about how miserable they were without us, but the guy we hired to pet sit/house sit did a good job - even seeing the dog, cat, and plants/bonsai through a direct hit by a typhoon that uprooted trees around the area!

Go figure, the first real nasty storm to hit here and we were gone for it. I'm not complaining, but after prepping for some that were supposed to be bad - and then fizzled out - we did kind of look at each other and go, "Really??"

For now I want nothing more than to lay around for a few days and have a vacation from our vacation, but tomorrow morning is our next vendor show!  After that, maybe there will be time to rest... Which will be followed by ramping up for the next vendor show, in about a month, and making some...  *drumroll* duct tape halters for sale!  ;)

I'll go through aquarium and zoo pictures soon, hopefully this weekend, and share some of the beautiful creatures that we saw.


  1. So glad to get the storm report! You do deserve a vacation from your vacation. But all those vendor shows makes me want to say something about "poetic justice"... Try not to overdo it.

    1. I tend to have a LOT on my plate, or a lot planned anyway. We'll see what actually gets done... ;)