Saturday, September 10, 2016

One Toof

After getting my package of miniature tack-making awesomeness, I immediately set out to use something from it.

I've been most eagerly awaiting the "sharks teeth" charms.  So I decided to attach one of them.  I didn't order any itty bitty jump rings to use for attaching them, because I figured I could make my own.  I've got lots of fine wire and figured that would work perfectly.

Well.. it did, and I can certainly make my own rings, but maybe I should have ordered some anyway?

All I have to show so far is this:

One shark tooth, attached to the halter of my practice presentation set. Making my own ring was... doable, and I'm sure it'll get easier with repetition.

I think instead of making the rings one at a time though, I'm going to try and mass produce a bunch.  Maybe that will be easier.

Fun fact: Jeff knows how to make chainmail.  Here's one of his creations, hanging in our hallway.

He's always made his own rings and has told me how he mass produced them.  I'm going to try it, on a MUCH smaller scale.  I'll report my findings on if it works to make tiny rings, or not.  ;)

Or I could just place another order for jump rings.

We'll see.

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