Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pegasus - Before And After - In Progress

Though not the "before and after" you might think...

It's been a while since I "worked" on a couple of gift shop Pegasus figures, taking off their wings.

Here's how they ended up looking after "surgery":

(customizing horses and collecting the parts for such activities can be a grisly thing)

Back then I had tossed them into one of my many mini body boxes.  Just last week, I pulled them out again.  I filled in the holes and did a quick first coat of white paint to see where they are prep-wise.

I'll end up doing a bit more fill work and prep on them.  Then I'm planning to turn them into something to offer at the upcoming winter vendor event here.  Maybe ornaments, or maybe just cute little horse-shaped objects, all painted up.

As for their wings, those have joined a collection of other wings, to build a Pegasus or six.  One of the MANY model horse projects on the To-Do list.

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