Saturday, October 2, 2021

Bit of Bonanzaville

Today was a spontaneous trip to Fargo and it included an equally spontaneous stop at a place called Bonanzaville.  It is a museum of North Dakota and regional history.  As it turned out, it is the off season now and they are on "winter hours".  So most of the exhibits and buildings full of things to see were closed for the year.  Admission was free to what was still open, which was the main building with a few rooms of exhibits. 

Here are a few things I found interesting.

Models of any sort catch my eye and I love cutaways to show how structures were made:

At a glance, this looked close to Traditional Breyer scale.  It was very interesting:

The story posted about these two white buffalo calves is that they had been born on the same farm, years apart, but had not lived long.  As for the big one, I've seen many (live) buffalo/bison up close, but I still forget how big they are. 


Other horse-shaped-objects:

This barn made me think about the Barn Raising Challenge on Facebook...  Is it that time again?  I need to go check... 

What little I got to see of Bonanzaville was interesting and I learned quite a bit about North Dakota history during the short visit there.  I would like to go back when everything is open.  Apparently, they have many buildings full of things to see, including a carriage house, steam locomotive, and a pioneer village.  Maybe next summer I'll go back to check it all out.  

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  1. The earth lodge is especially interesting! I have read a bit about how they were constructed but to see the cutaway makes it all make a lot more sense.