Sunday, October 10, 2021

Tack Magic

Today was really, really... really hard.  I can't even point to a certain reason why.  It seemed that depression and ADHD joined hands and kicked me in the teeth, again and again.  It was not good.

Tonight, though, I did manage to spend a bit of time making tack and that always helps.  I'm technically late on my loose plans to do a post a day this month, since it's after midnight, but I think it should still count. 

I have a room full of stuff.  Lots of model horses, a lifetime supply of... supplies to make things.  But, for now anyway, this is where the "magic" happens.  The tack magic, that is.

At the moment I have underway: 

- A turquoise halter/bridle combo for Uffington (to match the endurance breast collar I'd made a while back).

- A natural color classic scale western snaffle bridle.

- 4 draft horse bridles in pink, green, orange, and light blue.

- A surprise halter for someone.

- A pink Arabian costume on a PAM (side note: I'm uncertain if this would be called regalia, because.. it's pink, and probably a lot more arena style, based on the color alone, so... a costume?  I really don't know, I feel a bit weird calling something that looks like Pepto Bismol authentic regalia).

- A saddle tan western snaffle bridle for Fireheart.

- A lime green convertible gaming bridle for Ruffian and also whoever doesn't need a split crown piece.

I think that's it as far as most of who is on the tack  desk and why.  Jaskier (Troubadour) is just there because I love looking at him so much.  Same with Bolya and Sound The Bugle.  

The classic Arabian stallion is being prepped for paint and I'm also eyeballing him for some tack work.  I do have a couple of presentation sets I'd started on that mold a year or two ago.  Might dig them out if I can make some progress on the above list.

For now, I should go to bed.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.  


  1. If you write a post before you go to bed, it totally counts! I am really enjoying your return to blogging.

  2. I also struggle with calling things that are very show-ring regalia. The workaround I found was generically calling it all Arabian sets. That works for my brain.