Saturday, October 9, 2021

Rain Day

Well... I didn't go to the vendor show.  This morning started with weather advisories for heavy rain, to include possible flooding in our area.  It was to be an outdoor event, so that gave me pause.  Then, while tending to the chickens this morning, I found out that one of them appears to suddenly be blind (??).  I also found Fraggle Junior out in the rain, looking cold, wet, and miserable.  I brought them both  inside, plus Junior's roommate, Percy.  The rain started to pour and suddenly it was past time to leave for the show.  The decision was seemingly already made to stay home.

Instead of going, I, well, I guess I did pretty much nothing.  Took care of chickens (inside the house and out), napped, scrolled around on FB. 

Oh, and I also checked out some of the entries for the Field of Dolls Fall show on OMHPS.  I do wish I would have entered.  Today I thought about rallying and throwing together some last minute entries.  However, with the dark and stormy day, the lighting would have been not great for the pictures I had in mind. 

I really don't want to be like this, last minute all the time.  It's good for a laugh, and I do seem to work well under pressure - usually - but it's not really fun and I have missed out on a lot of deadlines and fun things, too. 


In somewhat related ramblings, I think I'm going to try to start a bullet journal/planner.  I have this weird obsession with planners - weird, since I usually forget to use them, but I keep trying, hoping they'll get me more organized.  I found a tutorial of sorts for a bullet journal, geared toward people with ADHD (which I have).  Hopefully it will (finally?) help me to get organized.  Hopefully.

Circling back around to OMHPS, I recently created an account on there and have uploaded a whopping two horses so far.  I like the site already, it seems really cool.  I'm excited by how many shows are available and I hope I can enter something this month.  Yesterday, I mentioned how I have a ton of possible props now for autumn/Halloween photos.  Maybe I'll try and work on that this coming week, along with getting ready for the plant sale next weekend (which is indoors, I'm pretty sure).

I guess I don't really have any pictures for this post in particular, so here's a picture of a little chicken family at bedtime tonight.  They have been sleeping next to their mom lately, but tonight it's cold and wet outside.  They seem to have all decided they wanted to be snuggled in under their mom again.  


  1. I go through phases where I keep putting off taking show photos, or doing projects, etc. Then I will all of a sudden be able to do all sorts of things... until I can't again. I'm enjoying your fairly regular blogging!

  2. The weather is no one's fault. Enjoy the odd rain day. Today we hiked 5+ miles in wet woods. We got very wet feet but didn't mind.