Thursday, October 7, 2021

Ponies and Plants

Another quick post here, that's most of what I've been doing this week it seems.  I'm trying to make blogging a habit (again) and so I'm going to keep cranking out posts, even if it's late at night and I can't think of much to say, ha.  Oh, I do have a TON of things I could write about and a billion pictures to share, but maybe not when I'm one foot into bed...  

Went to Tractor Supply today and spontaneously got, um, a bunch of their Stablemate blind bags:

One of them was the blue and white chase (top left).  That one is super pretty.  I'll probably keep a few of these OF and then either sell or CM the rest.  Probably CM - or at least plan to.  

Today's biggest project though was repotting and propagating my "leopard lily" plants. 

I turned three pots full of them into 50-60 individual pots and cups.  In a couple of weeks, I have a vendor spot at a plant sale.  I'll be selling these baby plants and also some laser stuff (crafty/home décor things).  I used to do this every 6months-year or so and used to joke that I was a leopard lily farmer.  They are prolific little plants and keep popping out baby bulbs.  It's been several years since my last round of "lily farming".  It was nice to get back into it.  

A fun bit of trivia: these are actually all descendants of my original leopard lily plant.  I sent some bulbs to a friend before we went to Japan.  As soon as I returned, she sent me back some bulbs.  They took a while to get started; I don't think they appreciated leaving AZ to come back to the Dakotas (they are a desert plant), but they have been going really well for a while now.  

That's about it for today, lots of plants and some plastic ponies.


  1. Thanks for clarifying where the Copenhagen Prince Charming fits into the scheme of things. I hadn't known. I'm pleased I have taste (I wanted him).

    1. He really is very pretty! The pictures I've seen of him don't do him justice I don't think.

  2. The blog struggles are real! There are a lot of days I feel like I have nothing to talk about and I put together a random post. Then there are times when I seem to have a lot to talk about (but why??? Nothing changed!) and I can plan several blogs ahead of time. I really liked this post. It has blind bag stablemates (I am on the hunt!) and desert plants. Two things I really love.

    1. Thank you! :) I've started and stopped blogging so many times. I used to think all posts had to be long, interesting, and full of pictures. I suppose I'm going for quantity over quality right now, aiming to do a post a day, even if I'm not sure what to say.