Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Sticker Day

Today was sticker day; the stickers from both of the monthly clubs I'm in arrived in the mail.

The spooky Fjord is from North West Studios and the Orlov Trotter is from DeeJayBe Studios.  The Fjord was a gambler's choice - 3 regular Fjord colors and this spooky one.  

I have a pile of stickers accumulating, from both of these clubs and also other purchases.  For now, I keep them in a drawer, but I'd like to come up with a better way to keep them or display some.

In other news: I've mentioned the plant sale, coming up this Saturday.  In the local plant swap group on FB, I happened to catch someone giving away a hibiscus tree.  I was stunned, I had no idea they'd even be happy or grow here.  Apparently, it stays out in the summer and needs to overwinter indoors.  The person I got it from was given it by a friend who moved, but then they didn't have room to bring it in for the winter I guess.  So, I spontaneously ended up with a "rescue" hibiscus.  It's blooming and is SO pretty. 

It's about 5 feet tall or so, the bloom pictured is down low, but it also has blooms and buds all over up top.  It's in the entryway, by a south facing window, where it gets sun in the evening.  My plan is to move it upstairs, to the office, where it should get a good amount of sun all winter.  There's a big south-facing window up there, too.

In other, other news: I saw the northern lights last night and WOW.  It was incredible.  I'm still struggling to form words about what the experience was actually like.  I'll ruminate on it some more and come up with something, sometime, maybe.  I took just a couple of pictures with my phone on night mode and I was thrilled that they came out.  Then I put the phone/camera down to watch the show...  and felt very, very small and insignificant.  

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