Saturday, January 24, 2015

Denver Bound

Tomorrow, or sometime in the middle of the night rather, I'm headed down to Denver to pick up a friend of mine.  She is coming up to help us man our Stock Show booth, possibly help us start getting ready for our huge upcoming move, and - of course - just come for a visit!  We've known each other since the 6th grade and had lost touch after I left Colorado many years ago.  Thankfully we were reunited through Facebook! 

Jeff and I have visited her in Denver (Aurora) several times.  She came up over the summer last year and stayed for about a month.  We had a lot of fun when she was here and one of the big occasions was that she rode a horse for the first time!  I was shocked to find out that she'd never ridden and I assured her that we'd fix that!  So, once again, Bo gave someone their very first ride on a horse.

First ride
For her second ride, we went outside to get better pictures - the lighting in the indoor is not that great and the dust doesn't help either.  Outside is much better!

Second ride

On her second ride, we did some horseback archery.  She had done some archery on the ground before, but obviously never on a horse.  We had a great day and killed a piece of foam insulation many times over.  (the target I keep at the barn)

It'll be good to see her again tomorrow.  For me the trip is going to be a "turn n' burn" - there and back in a day - about 13-14 hours of driving.  It'll be a long day, but I've done it several times before and thankfully the weather is supposed to be nice!


  1. I wish you were staying a bit longer! I also live in Aurora and I'd love to meet you!

    1. Wow, talk about a small world! That would be so fun to meet up! What are you doing in the morning? (haha - yeah, pretty short notice I know) ;) I do get down to the Denver area fairly often. I've got family there and I'll be taking my friend back home after a little while too. (I'm hoping that will be a more relaxed trip without the Stock Show looming up here!) We should definitely plan on getting together. :D

    2. This morning was busy, but I'd love to meet up next time (or the time after). If you come on a weekday, I can borrow a horse and we could go trail riding.

    3. A trail ride would be a ton of fun! We should plan on that for sure. :D I'm not sure yet when I'll be headed back down, but I'll let you know and hopefully we can get together! :)