Sunday, January 11, 2015

Little Bit of Hair

Today was a lazy day around here.  Jeff and I spent the first half (or more) of the day on the couch, under blankets, watching TV.  An uncharacteristically unproductive day for us, but it was nice.  Being that the high for the day was "feels like -7", we were okay staying in and staying warm.

Alas, it did not last.  We did finally bundle up and go to the barn to strip out Bo's stall.  One thing I like about cold weather is that once you are bundled up and doing something, you don't even feel it.  It felt pleasant in the (unheated) barn.  Being out of the wind makes a huge difference too. 

Bo was frisky, he was turned out while we did our mucking - mostly scooping frozen poo - and he had a good time running around.  He even did a flying leap over a snowdrift.  I wish I could have caught that on camera!  Bo's not much of a jumper...  I think that's the first time I've seen him jump anything.

It's been a laid back evening too.  I wasn't sure I'd get any Studio time in today, but I did decide to go down and put a tail on the little guy I added a mane to a couple of days ago.

Here's the aftermath:

I did a bit of a preliminary round of taming the mane I put on him.  It won't stay this long, I don't think, but I decided to go ahead and start taming it to lay flat at least.

And here's the tail, in its ugly phase.  Much trimming and taming needs to happen here too.

I'm glad I decided to get in a little bit of Studio time tonight.  It always makes me feel happy to be in there making stuff.  I'm hoping to get more work done tomorrow - work on my new little hair beast some more and hopefully get started on my first leather tack project.

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