Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stock Show Prep - Shopping Spree

I hadn't quite planned on it, but today turned into a bit of a shopping spree.  I had meant to do a quick run to town and get a few things.  However, I ended up spending HOURS in town, buying things to make up our booth at the Stock Show in a week and a half! 

I think I've got a pretty good booth set up in mind now and I'm excited about the things I found today in the way of decorations and displays.  The whole thing is a big load off my mind now, because just a few days ago I was highly stressed about the fact that the event was 2 weeks away and we had absolutely nothing for our booth yet!  Today was a marathon of errand running, but I got pretty much everything we will need so that's great.

(I'll try and add some pictures of my finds later, I was so wiped out when I got home that I left everything in the car!)

The primary focus of the booth is going to be our laser business, but I am planning to have some custom horses available as well and I'm very excited about that.  Problem is, I only have a handful of finished custom horses at the moment.  I have a TON of custom horses in progress, some very near to being completed, but... I've been making tack lately instead of painting.  I really hope I can budget some painting time very soon - like in the next few days, because that's about all the time I've got.

There is SO much to get done in the next week.  For right now though, all I want to do is sleep! 


  1. DUDE! I wanted to see what you got! Hope you get those photos up soon, so I can dream right along with you! You guys are going to do GREAT!

    1. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll post pictures, tomorrow... ;) haha! (it got late on me tonight!)