Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tool/Supply Run

We've taken a couple of trips to town the last couple of days to run some errands.  I picked up some goodies along the way. 

(as a side note, these bags are kind of getting common
here in the Studio lately)

Here's my little haul, from a few different stores... 

I came home with a mallet,

a bottle of gum tragacanth,  (I had never heard of this, until reading this post from Braymere Custom Saddlery on preparing leather lace)

 a set of drafting pencils, (aka - mini hole punches, another tip from Braymere)

and an itty-bitty set of pliers, complete with carrying pouch. 

The main thing I was after in that set was the teeny-tiny round nose pliers, after learning that the pair I have can't really make a small enough loop for proper buckle tongues. 

They're certainly SMALL...

...but are they small enough on the working part?

I was a little concerned at first.  Side by side, they looked the be the same size at the tips.  However, I did do a test run on some wire with each of them to compare.  My new wee little red pliers do make a smaller circle, so hopefully now I'm set!

No, really, now I should be set.  A mallet, pencils for punches, the gum tragacanth, and more recently a smaller set of round nose pliers, wrapped up my tack making wish list. 

Bring on the leather!  I'm hoping to have something tack-wise made out of leather to show soon. 

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