Friday, January 2, 2015

Stamps, Stamps, Everywhere

Last night I spent several hours in the Studio room.  I wanted to make some things, but that was going to be a little difficult.

Even though it's cool to see a sea of horses on my desk, it's not practical for actually getting anything accomplished on the desk, so they (and everything else) had to move. 

The first chunk of time was spent shuffling things around.  I put away my tools, paints, glues, sprays, and epoxy, and finally even more unpacking from the shows a couple of months ago.  I cleared off some of the top shelf of the desk and moved my little in progress herd up there and off of the main working surface.

Future class of 2015?  That's the plan.

Recently I had bought some empty cases for storing rubber stamps.  I decided to unwrap them and maybe do some stamp organizing since it turned out I was in that kind of mood.

This turned into a marathon of stamp sorting in which, at one point, I had almost ALL of my rubber stamp collection on the desk.

Horse stamps!

Wait... wasn't I supposed to be cleaning off the desk??

I have a lot of rubber stamps.  I think I should maybe go through them and try to weed out some that I don't use.  For a long time I had them all somewhat contained in the larger plastic cases, and stacked neatly.  Then over a year ago I joined a stamp club where I make a monthly order and my collection started to spread.  Now those stamps are popping up everywhere throughout the room.

I was actually kind of shocked when I realized last night just how many stamps I have!  I found a bunch of them that I can't even remember when or where I got them.  I was pretty confused, until I remembered that my Granny gave me a ton of stamps when I helped her move this past summer.  That's where all of the new ones came from.

My Granny did this once before and last night I couldn't help but to take another picture of one of the favorite stamps she gave me then.

I have no idea why I am so amused by that stamp, but I am.  A chicken marching band!  Have you ever seen something so funny?  I may need help...

After the unplanned rubber stamp wrangling, I did actually clear off the desk and make something - my intent when I'd first set foot in the room a few hours before.

When I finally left the room for the night, the desk was all cleared off and ready to go.


  1. I envy you. Having the time to do all of this...I hardly have time to do dishes lately, much less organize craft stuff or MAKE stuff. I need to do something different....LOVE what you've done though!

    1. I am very blessed, that's for sure. I am so grateful to have the opportunity and time to create things, that's what really makes me happy. Every time I step into my Studio, I have a smile on my face. It is a mess in there (still... always), but it is my happy place. Even our laser business - a key reason why I'm not working outside of the home anymore - offers plenty of chances to be creative. It really is a dream come true. I hope you are able to do crafty stuff soon. I think creative time is not only optional, but is a necessity for folks like us. ;)