Wednesday, January 7, 2015

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday - Sunrises

I refer to myself as a "reformed night owl".  There was a time when my normal schedule would be to stay up until 3-4am and then sleep until noon.  At several points in my life I've adapted that schedule.  I've worked some graveyard shift jobs and they always worked out for me.  When Jeff and I met, I was working a job where my hours were 1pm-10pm, which fit perfectly into what seems to be my natural schedule.  However, I did end up quitting that job and then I wanted to shift my own hours to better match Jeff's routine. 

He goes to bed around 10:30pm and gets up at 6am.  (yuck!)  It was a struggle for me at first to wake up that early - and still often is - but I do like having what I refer to as "my mornings".  It is my time to do whatever I want, guilt free, for a couple of hours.  Like yesterday, I had some orders to make for our laser business, but I couldn't do that until at least 9am...  So was here on my computer, sipping my coffee, enjoying some down time before the day really got started. 

I also like my mornings, because when I slept until noon, I never got to see this...



Speaking of sunrise (or sunset) pictures, go check out my friend Cate's blog for the beautiful pictures she recently took of an Arizona sunset.

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