Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fox Village Loot

Last week when we went to the Fox Village, I wanted to get something at the gift shop.  It was a cool place to see for a red fox lover like myself, almost nothing BUT red fox stuff from wall to wall.  It was hard to choose what to get.  They had a lot of adorable stuffed foxes and I was very tempted by one of them.  He was super soft and reminded me of the real fox that I'd been able to hold.

However, I already have several stuffed foxes in my little collection of red fox stuff, so I thought I might get something different.  Also, as much as I wanted a stuffed fox "from the Fox Village", they all seemed to be generic stuffed animals; we didn't see anything that said "Fox Village" on it or on its tag.  I decided that to help narrow down all of the things I wanted, I would settle on things that said "Fox Village" on them.  ;)

I did get a few things and here they are!

Even the bag that they put everything in was cute:

First up is a small tote bag with the "zoomy fox", as Jeff called it.  This design was on a lot of things in the shop.

Zoomy fox is adorable.

A pack of postcards, featuring baby foxes.

Several designs included. So cute!


Again, SO cute.  (feeling repetitive, but everything was adorable...)

Lots of stickers here that met the "Fox Village" requirement.  ;)

Maybe next time we go, I'll get the super soft stuffed fox that I had been looking at.  He doesn't say he's from the Fox Village, but I'll know that I got him there.  ;)

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