Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Made a Rope

Yesterday I spent a few hours in the studio.

I started trying to come up with a pattern for a Traditional scale blanket.  (strangely much harder to do than the Stablemate ones I made...)

A small, but exciting, something that I made was this:

I've seen many times where people have made lead ropes and such by twisting embroidery floss, but I hadn't ever tried it.  I decided to go for it last night and was VERY happy with the results.  Ohhh the ideas now!

Of course, as usual when I'm working with any kind of "string", my supervisor had to stop by.

Yesterday I also filmed a new (shorter!) video tutorial for finishing a cross-stitch saddle pad.  I haven't watched it yet, but hopefully it came out okay.  I think it's just under 5 minutes long.  I'm hoping to have it uploaded in the next couple of days.

Part of today's creative agenda is to finally finish some of my own personal hoard of stitched pads!

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