Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Organizing For Tiny Tack

I had planned to do a "Tiny Tack Tuesday" post today; I think that might become a somewhat regular feature on here, since I'm working on several Stablemate-scale props and tack items right now.

However, most of what I have to show is still a surprise, for the SM Performance Group Prop Swap.  So, as much as I want to share, I'm going to wait to post all about them until they've arrived at my secret swap partner's home.  I hope she likes them!

Instead, I thought I'd post a quick picture of some neat little organizers that I found.  They are actually for organizing (finger) nail embellishments, which is what most of the things I put inside them are.  I had bought a sampling of such things, thinking they will be fun for tack and costume projects.

These holders are handy, they work well for any kind of miniature hardware/embellishments.

I may have to get a few more of them.  ;)

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