Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stablemate Swap Props

Last month I signed up to be part of a prop swap for the Stablemate Performance Group.  I sent off my box a couple of weeks ago and the same day I found a props for me at the post office.

I received some neat stuff!

I've thought of making some scene pieces like this for some time now, but I hadn't gotten around to it yet.

 Also included were a few fence panels, a cactus, a bush, and a tree.

The neatest  thing was a Native American costume and rider!

His horse here was a quick grab out of the body box, but I'm inspired to make him a proper war pony.

I'm really happy with the props that I received and I'm looking forward to trying to set up some proper photo show pictures with them!


  1. I love the scene piece. I like the bark border!

    1. I think it's really cool! I actually couldn't think of what to call it.. Diorama?... No...? "Scene piece" was all I could think of. I've seen a lot of neat ones, but this is the first with a bark border. I agree, I like that too!