Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Art of Taking a Break - Part Two

A few months ago, I posted about how I was learning the importance of taking a break when things didn't seem to be going right.  In that case, it was my first drastic custom horse in many years.  After working on him for many hours that first day, I was disgusted and thought he looked like absolute garbage.  A few days later, looking at him with fresh eyes, I was happy with what I saw!

Well, I've just been reminded of the importance of a break.  Last week I was attempting to fabricate some tiny pieces of hardware for a tack project I've got going on and I ended up being frustrated.  I had managed to make a couple of nice pieces, but each one was a struggle and I didn't seem to be able to replicate them once I'd made them the way I wanted.  I need several of these fabricated pieces to make a single item and I was hoping to make a few of these items..  so I need a lot of hardware.

(Sorry for the secrecy...  this whole project is a surprise!)

After much struggling in that first session, I put what I'd made so far, along with the rest of the entire project, in my reference book (a tack catalog), put the whole mess on the floor and tried to forget about it for a while.

Today, I decided that I really ought to try again.  I didn't want to!  However, the deadline for what I want to make these for is fast approaching and I needed to know if I could indeed figure out how to make them, or if I'd have to scrap the whole idea for now and make something else...

Surprisingly..  I was able to make a few pieces with no trouble and before I knew it, I had a small pile going.  Best of all, I was having FUN.

This evening I'm off to "Craft Night"; it is a get together of some of the local crafty types.  We all take our own projects to work on and sit and visit for a few hours.  Tonight I'll be making tiny hardware pieces!  I hope to be able to share pictures soon, once they are no longer a secret.  ;)

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