Saturday, January 2, 2016

Horses = Great Start To The Year

While I didn't see any horses on New Years' Day, I came close.

This happened today....

We went and saw the wild horses again!

I'll do a proper post about them in the next couple of days.  ;)

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  1. I think you need to come and visit and see your boy. I will be moving to a new place in March because I will either have to sign another year lease on this place or they are going to raise the rent. This is a chance for me to purchase my own place, so I think it is the best move, although the place is a wreck! But it is 10 acres and in a beautiful location, the views are to die for. It is closer into town without such a bad road, although this road is not all that great either. I have a person coming out in January and February to level out a place for the arena and barn. I HAVE to go up and get the panels this year NO MATTER WHAT ELSE HAPPENS! Those are critical to the barn going up. Bo is doing great. Fat and sassy and he bosses Houdini around. Jahzz bosses Bo and Houdini bosses Jahzz. I don't get it. But they somehow have it figured out and that is good enough for me! Love and miss you but think of you every time I see Bo and the girls. Which is a LOT.